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Seven wonderful facts about the pencils

From the childhood till today, we all are using the pencil in our day to day life. You all will be amazed after reading these facts about your pencils. So, here are the Madifacts about your lovely pencils!


1. American and Russian astronauts used pencils to write on space missions because pencils can write in zero gravity condition too.

2. Pencils can be written under water.

3. The word pencil comes from the Latin word pencillus, which means “little tail”

4. The world’s largest pencil manufacturer is the Faber-Castell.

5. The pencil is not just graphite but it’s the mixture of clay and graphite.

6. Half of all pencils come from China.

7. Last but not least, the world’s largest pencil is Castell 9000. It stands 65 feet high.

So, this was some facts about your lovely pencils. Comment down the madifact you liked the most.

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