Ever Wondered Why There Are Different Colours On Road Milestones

If you have travelled on the roadside then you have seen the different colour’s milestones and these milestones are not coloured for shading purpose, they are coloured for some reason and the Madifact will tell you about it.

There are different coloured milestones on the road such as yellow colour, green colour, black and white colour, blue colour and orange colour. So, these milestones are actually colour code and they tell you on which road you are travelling.

Green Colour

If you spot a green colour milestone while travelling then you are travelling on a state highway.

Yellow Colour

While travelling on national highways you will observe a yellow and white coloured milestone.

Black and White Colour

If you have seen a black and white coloured milestone on the roadside then you are travelling in a city or the district.

Orange Colour 

The villages which come under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana there you will observe the orange coloured milestones.

Now that you know why these milestones are coloured and what they represent so do a favour for your friends and relatives just share this idea on any of the social media given below.

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