11 Facts That Prove’s Your Body Is Something Else

Some amazing facts that prove there is something in our body which make our body very powerful. After all scientific studies and from the Internet knowledge we have collected these amazing facts about our body.


  1. In one year we lose about 0.7 KG of dead skin.
  2. The bones of an average person can withstand around 16,000 people standing on them.
  3. The surface area of the human lung is equal to a tennis court. Really!
  4. Human hair can hold the weight of two elephants.
  5. The acid in our stomach can easily dissolve a razor blade but do not try this at home.
  6. We humans can survive without food for a long time but cannot survive without sleep.
  7. If your pinky finger is cut off then you would lose 50% of your hand strength.
  8. Our jaw muscle is the strongest muscle of the body.
  9. If four people hand on each other then the height is as long as our small intestine.
  10. A healthy person can produce 15 litres of sweat during a single day.
  11. In our whole lifetime, we can produce enough saliva to fill a swimming pool.

So, these were some amazing facts about the human body. Tell us in the comment box the fact which fascinated you the most.

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